Our Restaurant clients can choose desserts based on the needs of their individual cuisines, and let Kuppies handle the rest. Our team of chefs and bakers will complete the mise en place for all dishes so that only basic plating and serving need to be executed on-site. Most of our desserts can be prepared in individual portions or large cakes and sheet trays, making them ready-to-serve and eat with little hassle of preparation – only basic plating, heating and topping would be required at service time.

Kuppies has a fantastic selection of unique and novel desserts perfectly suited for restaurants with evolving dessert menus that need to keep-up with global dessert trends. From baked New York-style Cheesecake and Soft Cookies to Gooey-style Walnut Fudge Brownies and Red Velvet Cupcakes, Kuppies has a creative and impressive list of desserts that will surely wow customers.

Kuppies also offers the unique option of either using local premium ingredients for gourmet up-market restaurants or other lower-priced alternatives for major mid-market chains, which help clients on a budget get gourmet variety at more affordable cost. Kuppies can send all dessert elements in food-grade disposable trays and packaging making the entire process hassle-free.

The Kuppies Team is also here to help with menu design and product engineering to specifically meet any dessert specifications that a chain may have. If a new product is needed, our experts can help to design a recipe based on classic desserts, ingredients, shelf-life and other requirements.

At Kuppies we take pride in our ethical business practices and using NDA’s, we can guarantee that every product we make for a particular restaurant will use a unique recipe and never be given
to another chain or brand.

Our staff have been trained by American Chefs and adhere to the highest possible standards in hygiene, quality and presentation making for the perfect gourmet treats. Our facility has been thoroughly reviewed by renowned company SGS and is fully FSSAI Licensed, HACCP and FSSC Certified.